Who We Are

Henry Radio is a medium-sized, family-owned corporation doing business in Los Angeles, California since 1941. The original Henry Radio started in Butler, MO in the late 1920's.

We manufactured high power tube amplifiers for Amateur Radio, business, commercial, industrial and scientific use for nearly 50 years, but that part of our business closed in 2005. We do our best to service and supply parts for the items we built during that period.

Henry is one of the largest distributors for Bird Technologies and offers sales and service on Bird wattmeters, attenuators, loads, elements, samplers, parts, etc. Please contact us if you have a requirement for RF or radio test equipment.

We still manufacture a broad selection of solid state power amplifiers for frequencies between 1.8 and 500 MHz. These amplifiers are available for portable, mobile, base, business, commercial, scientific and military applications. Our designs are primarily class C narrow band circuits which are ideal for today's digital and FM services.

For the Los Angeles vicinity, we manage a UHF band Trunked Radio service for business and government. We serve taxis, tow trucks, ambulances, exterminators, city fleets and more from 9 mountain top sites that cover Southern California from Ventura in the north to near San Diego in the south and from the ocean to San Bernardino in the east. We have many customers that have been with us for over 10 years.

We also offer sales for specialized two way radios and accessories which are primarily sold via the Internet. We do have a technical staff to service our radio customers.

Henry has been exporting products for many loyal customers all over the world, and in fact we serve as a buying and shipping service for several of our clients.

Please see many of the products that we sell and service at our online store, at eBay, and here on our web site. Please feel free to contact us with any questions

- Ted S. Henry